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OnTrackPro® is a lifecycle project and cost management software tool for the AV subcontractor and system integrator that allows users to create and manage projects with greater control over resources, processes and profits.

With OnTrackPro®, all employees to become part of the project process through customized access to various project stages. For example, in Quote mode a project is addressed by sales, engineering, and management to control all aspects of a bid/proposal from bill of materials and bonding to alternate bids and RFI's. In Build mode a project is addressed by operations, labor and project management to monitor and actively control the project toward projected profitability and beyond.

OnTrackPro® integrates business-specific capabilities for estimating, cost management, change management, and profit protection from proposal to punch list.

  • Estimating. Field and shop labor, labor supervision, billable tasks, products, materials, consumable estimation, and integrated assembly.
  • Cost management. Purchase orders, receiving, field labor timesheet entry, real time project cost reporting.
    Data management. Import EZip pricing, customer contact management, and resource tracking, and in-field timecard collection.
  • Change management. Change order creation, field journals, document linking, and communication tools, tasks and task alerts.
  • From project estimates to close outs, OnTrackPro® allows users to create and manage projects with greater accuracy and control over resources, processes and profits.

OnTrackPro Walk-Thru

Explore OnTrackPro® in more detail with our system walk through.  Each section provides more in-depth information and screen shots to demonstrate the user experience.

Project Management

Managing projects that are going well is easy. But with most typical project management software, management is not sure if a project is on or off track until late in the game. Critical response time is lost while waiting for time sheets, or purchase orders and inventory reports at the end of the accounting period. OnTrackPro® features give management daily visibility of where the all projects stand.

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Task Management

Managing many tasks can become laborious when project managers are not equipped with the right tools. This is why we built a system that provides a variety of characteristics for each task. Track tasks easily in reports with the help of several filters. Find that one task you are looking for in seconds, without headaches.

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Purchase Orders

OnTrackPro give your team the ability to create, approve, and track all of your purchase orders in one central location. With one-click ordering engineers can quickly create Purchase Orders directly from within each project. Project managers can easily approve purchase orders for all of their projects in one location. When products arrive, Operations checks them as received and their cost is automatically applied to the job, allowing managers to see exactly where the project costs stand.

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Because OnTrackPro® is web-based, authorized users can access the software from anywhere there is an internet enabled device. This powerful feature lets field labor enter time on a daily basis which not only brings daily visibility to the labor associated with the project, but it also creates more accurate reporting than a weekly input.  Tracking is visible by project, time frame, employee, task, and activity making this feature very valuable to supervisors that are managing to the task or activity level.

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Clients and Contacts

From within the Client Management module you can access your client's company information as well as quickly access all project history and data. Whether your team needs to access information regarding equipment that was installed, warranty information, or simply a phone number, it can all be done inside OnTrackPro.

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Parts and Manufacturers

OnTrackPro® provides a full suite of tools to manage and maintain your manufacturers, vendors and the parts they supply.  With complete EZip compliancy the system assists your bidding team by allowing for easy importing of price sheets and seamless part information updates.

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Tool Management

Keeping a handle of all the tools and equipment your company owns can be a very costly process.  It can be difficult to keep track of who has what tools and what job site they are being used at.  With our Tool Management module you can keep a complete list of all of the tools and equipment you have.

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Employee Management

OnTrackPro gives you the tools you need to successfully manage your employees and their access to the system.  Within the Employee module you can store information about your employee, set and monitor vacation hour usage, as well as set their permissions to the various areas of OnTrackPro.

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Default Settings

OnTrackPro® not only has global settings for company norms, but each project can be custom tailored to market conditions by editing defaults as you set up the project. Control over Markups, taxes, bond rates, Labor, engineering and management activities and tasks, as well as Labor rates and costs.

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