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Finally, Job-Costing Solutions for Systems Integrators

Sound & CommunicationsCedar Hill, Texas May 10, 2010 – In today’s world it is imperative that business managers have the ability to see project profitability in an expedient fashion. At the recent NSCA Business and Leadership Conference one of the presenters reported that very few system integrators have process software that allows them to see project cost data on a real time basis. This business problem is pervasive in our industry and is the reason we developed OnTrackPro.

Since its release, Ceden Technologies Inc. has been garnering praise from the Systems Integration Industry. OnTrackPro is designed to fulfill a market need to create and manage projects through intricate and complex processes with constant visibility of project profits.

OnTrackPro was the topic of a full feature story in the April issue of Sound & Communications Magazine. David McNutt’s comprehensive review of project management and job costing applications for the Systems Integration Industry is a fabulously in-depth look at his use of OnTrackPro v3.2.

Simple, Intuitive

OnTrackPro is powerful, scalable, and easy to learn and use. Using OnTrackPro in your business can streamline your business process and save you time, money, and profits. It is the only affordable solution for small to mid-sized companies.

"I found the software to be simple, intuitive, and easy to learn, just by diving into it. The database in OnTrackPro seems robust and extensive and can import E-Zip formatted pricing. I found the point and click purchase ordering and the document management systems to be powerful time saving tools. The ability to manage external documents within the software reminded me of the struggles I had in the past with dealing with literally thousands of CADD files and related documents on a large project. I discovered a variety of standard forms integrated into the application. Creating transmittals, RFI’s, punch lists and letters was quite easy."


OnTrackPro is a business process tool that helps system integrators run their business and monitor their project profitability in real time. From developing a complete and accurate bid to managing an awarded project to a profitable conclusion, OnTrackPro is streamlined for the system integrator.

"OnTrackPro is straight forward and squarely focused on project cost management for the system integrator. Its technology language is contemporary and web based, making it possible for any web enabled device to be part of the company system."

You can view the full Sound & Communications Magazine story at: http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/69f47a22#/69f47a22/78


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