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Project Lifecycle Management Application Boasts New Enhancements

Cedar Hill, Texas March 12, 2010 – Ceden Technologies Inc., an internet applications development firm, today unveiled OnTrackPro v3.2, the newest version of its Project Lifecycle Management Application for Systems Integrators. Ceden’s strategy for promoting innovation was central in the development of OnTrackPro’s newest features. These enhancements improve the performance, productivity and efficiency within the integrator’s organization.

The newest version of the application offers the most genuine project management experience by bringing capabilities of several applications into a single tool which allows users to neatly view, navigate and edit project documents, manage employees and track clients without the need for additional applications or assistance from other departments within the organization. OnTrackPro® v3.2 has provided a platform for organizations to effectively monitor costs and profitability in real time throughout the lifecycle of every project. This powerful tool gives project managers the ability to react efficiently to problems that arise during a project allowing them to keep profit margins intact.

OnTrackPro v3.2 also features a new reporting tool that provides users with the ability to dynamically create printer friendly reports within all modules. All reports are created based on user defined queries within each section and the data can be sorted on the fly prior to printing. This new feature provides managers with the ability to quickly look at important data in a timely manner and provide real time information to company executives and employees involved in a project.

The employee management module in OnTrackPro v3.2 has been enhanced to enable effective employee management. Employment details and personal information are now conveniently located in one area within the application. Managers can now track employment dates, multiple burden rates, the employee’s address, phone numbers, and emergency contacts. Employee vacation time tracking has been added providing real time reporting of number of vacations hours available, hours used and hours remaining. With the addition of multiple labor rates including regular time, overtime, and double time within the employee management module, employees are now able to report project hours in a more effective manner.

“Ceden prides itself on responding to the customers’ requests for specific application enhancements within a timely manner Said Bill Groves, Senior Developer of Ceden Technologies says. “Our network of Premium Partners allows Ceden to bring new ideas and system enhancements to the marketplace much faster than our competitors.” Ceden plans continued development in the areas of CRM, enhanced security and links to accounting programs and plans to release those enhancements in Q3, 2010.


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