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New application features a complete suite of project management tools

Arlington, Texas February 1, 2010 — Creating, monitoring and managing profitable projects is always a challenge but it just got easier with project management software from Ceden Technologies, a full-service web applications development firm. A new project life-cycle management application gives system integrators and contractors the ability to manage integration projects from concept to completion with real-time visibility of cost and profitability. OnTrack Pro® is designed to fulfill a market need to create and manage projects through intricate and complex processes with constant visibility of project profits.

OnTrack Pro® v3.1 a browser-based, project cost management application that has been proven to increase performance, productivity and efficiency within the system integrator’s organization. The intuitive, user friendly and cost effective web-based solution is ideal for multiple user management of all installed and service type projects. Web-based OnTrackPro® can be accessed through any web browser or web-enabled phone, from anywhere in the world with no office desktop installation or updates required. In addition, the application can be hosted by the software provider or from the integrators in-house Windows MS-SQL server.

Bill Groves, Senior Software Engineer of Ceden Technologies says that “because of increased economic stress on companies, there is an increasing demand for application solutions that help them manage their projects in a more efficient manner. OnTrack Pro was developed specifically for integrators, by integrators and therefore overcomes the challenges integrators face in keeping their project on track and profitable.”

OnTrackPro is a complete solution for the contractor that is based in the confidence of having real-time information on every project, every day. “There are no modules in OnTrackPro”, says James Wicker, President of Ceden Technologies, “Every tool and application required for successful project completion is included within the application.”

Ceden Technologies offers a full suite of professional services specifically tailored for the low-voltage communications industry. Additional tools and resources available to clients include website development, e-commerce solutions, custom application development, hosting, and control system programming.

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Ceden Technologies, Inc. is an internet applications development firm that for the past seven years has specialized in web application development, website design, hosting, and e-commerce. The primary focus of Ceden Technologies is to create more efficient business processes that lower costs, increase customer retention, and improve the client’s bottom line.

The professionals at Ceden Technologies have decades of experience in information systems development and application integration for businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Their expertise in commercial software creates practical solutions that solve critical business problems and move "old world" processes to the "new world" of Internet and Intranet.