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Employee Management

The employee management module in OnTrackPro® provides your organization with the ability to effectively manage your employees and their access to the system. Employment details and personal information are now conveniently located in one area within the application. Managers now have the ability to keep track of information including employment dates, multiple burden rates, employee’s address, phone numbers, set and monitor vacation hour usage, and emergency contacts.

Each employee record contains the following information:

  • The status of the employee, active or inactive.
  • First and last name of the employee.
  • Home address, phone number, email and birthday.
  • Hire and termination dates.
  • Emergency contact.
  • Pay type, salary or hourly
  • Vacation eligibility, number of vacation days/hours, and amount of remaining vacation.
  • Burden rates for regular time, overtime and double time.
  • The employee's company email address.
  • The employee's username and password.
  • The employee's OnTrackPro permission settings.


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