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Tool Management

Keeping a handle of all the tools and equipment your company owns can be a very costly process.  It can be difficult to keep track of who has what tools and what job site they are being used at.  With our Tool Management module you can keep a complete list of all of the tools and equipment you have.

Each time a tool is checked out, the employee, checkout date, location of use and any additional comments are recorded.  When the tool is returned the check in date and any notes relating to the condition of the tool are recorded.  A complete history of the tool is kept with each piece of equipment on file and can be referenced at any time.

Each tool entry contains the following information:

  • The status of the tool, this will be Checked In or Checked Out.
  • The tool number
  • The tool name.
  • The original cost of the tool.
  • The purchase date of the tool.
  • General notes and comments about the tool.


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