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Keeping track of employees hours and project hours can be a challenge for any organization. OnTrackPro provides your employees with the ability to submit their timesheets from any location. Regardless of whether employees are in the office, at a job site or at home, they will now have the ability to record their hours. Each timesheet entry will be recorded to the specific job and can provide in-depth information about the tasks performed during this time period.

Employees have the ability to review all of their past timesheet entries.  Specific timesheets can be quickly accessed using the query filters.  Employees can view timesheets by project number, project name, task, activity, a specific date range, or all timesheets with ease.

Each timesheet entry includes the following information:

  • The employee's name is automatically captured
  • The job the hours were performed on
  • The task category that the hours apply to
  • The specific activity that was performed
  • The date the hours were performed
  • The number of hours
  • A notation to provide specific details regarding the entry.


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