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Purchase Order Management

When you look at the life cycle of a purchase order within your organization you may find that the process can be greatly simplified and made more efficient. The process of filling out the paperwork, pushing through the approval process and tracking the purchase orders for all of your projects can be a very time consuming task. Purchase orders can often get lost or sit in a pile of paperwork for days, meanwhile employees aren't getting the supplies they need.

OnTrackPro give your team the ability to create, approve, and track all of your purchase orders in one central location. With one-click ordering engineers can quickly create Purchase Orders directly from within each project. Project managers can easily approve purchase orders for all of their projects in one location. When the delivery is made employees can receive the materials directly in the system. At any time a team member can review the equipment has been ordered, what has been received and those items that are still outstanding.

Managers now have a simple process to track a purchase order until it is closed.  You can also reference archived purchase orders to review pricing, material and other historical data.



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