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Project Management

Managing projects that are going well is easy. But with most typical project management software, management isn’t sure if a project is on or off track until late in the game. Critical response time is lost while waiting for time sheets, or purchase orders and inventory reports at the end of the accounting period.

OnTrackPro® features give management daily visibility of where the all projects stand.

  • Web access from field
  • Change Orders automatically integrated to the project
  • All documents and communications are linked to the project
  • Purchase Orders and receiving update status on each job
  • Instant financial summary by labor, materials, and profit projection
Even with this kind of visibility, management can lose track of details that can affect the project.

OnTrackPro® gives managers and supervisors a clear All-Project overview of all projects and they can be searched through the powerful Query tool to view projects by status, customer, office, employee, or by Task Alert Status.

Task Alert allows managers and employees to set critical tasks and receive status alerts and emails regarding pending deadlines or milestones.

When the bid is ready to present to the client, project managers can quickly print a professional bid package directly from OnTrackPro.



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