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The Benefit of Real Time Project Cost Data

Being a Project Manager is tough enough without having to search or wait for the right data to know where your project stands. Doug Souvigny, a project manager at db Integrated Systems felt this pressure every day. The average project for him was over $300,000 and he often had more than one project for which to manage materials, shop integration, and labor.

His main challenge was trying to determine where labor hours stood. The company was using an off the shelf financial package solution to run the business, but the software was not suited for operations, much less field labor. For example, Souvigny had to wait at least a week and a half for labor hours to be input so that he could have visibility of a given project week in the past. This two-week lag always made him nervous because part of his compensation hinged on job profitability. But not only did he have to wait for this data, it was not available to him in the field. It could only be accessed in the office, a place where he often wasn’t.

A similar challenge lied in the fact that he could never pinpoint where his purchases were for a given project. In receiving products and materials that he ordered for the project, the financial system could not show receipt in the warehouse until the invoice actually showed up and was entered into the system. Sometimes invoices arrived much later, or at all, if they were lost in the mail.

In January 2009, db Integrated Systems purchased and began using Ceden Technologies OnTrackPro Job Costing and Management Software. OnTrackPro Purchasing capability allows the warehouse to receive product immediately into the software resulting in an immediate commitment of all products and materials to its unique project number. In addition, OnTrackPro allows access to each laborer in the field to input his time on a daily basis from anywhere in the world. Managers can access this information in the field from any web enabled phone or wireless laptop.

With his newly enabled field access, Souvigny knew all contact info, when all products arrived and their committed cost, and all labor used and yet to be used for a project on a daily basis. This is incredible power for a project manager like Souvigny. After the first few projects, Thomas increased job profitability by ten to fifteen percent.

Souvigny commented, "I don’t know how we ever did this without OnTrackPro."

Neither does db Integrated Systems.